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Come and see the real trees

Stop looking at Bonsai online, in Books and magazines, they are a 3D living entity, visit the biggest and and best bonsai show in the UK October 7/8th

Michael Ryan Bell Saturday Presenter

Michael Ryan Bell will be one of our presenters on Saturday 7th October:


Who is this Guy?

My name is Ryan Bell and I’ve been collecting bonsai pots since 2011, a year after I began pursuing bonsai seriously, and I now have an extensive collection. After coming across a container without any information, I decided to research bonsai containers, and have since made it my specialty and passion. I have travelled extensively to clubs and conventions in an effort to improve appreciation of ceramics in bonsai art.

My mission is to encourage appreciation of the art of bonsai pottery through accurate information, images, and history. My website is extensive with numerous articles about Japanese potters and bonsai container history, and includes the most extensive Chop, Signature, and Seal database in print, in any language. Lots of great information. To start learning about Bonsai Containers, come to Bonsai Europa 2017.


Michael Ryan Bell – Bonsai Pots from Eric Schrader on Vimeo.

The art of displaying Shohin: How to achieve an award winning display

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