Eleven Live Bonsai Demonstrations

The stage and demonstrators

In this first Bonsai Europa I have chosen to showcase some of the amazing up and coming ‘young’ artists from across Europe, I know these guys personally and have seen them hone their skills and create some amazing bonsai. All travel extensively to work with more established artists and all work hard to present great work. Some have performed on ‘the BIG stage’, some you may have not heard of before; one thing is for sure visitors to the show will be impressed with the work they do.

The Demonstrators
Yannick Kiggen: Belgium
Dirk Dabringhausen: Germany
Andrew Campbell: United Kingdom
Bartosz Warwas: Katowice, Poland
Will Baddeley: UK
Jose Redondo
Milan Karpíšek: Czech Republic
Nik Rozman: Slovenia
Ofer Grunwald: Israel
Sándor Papp: Hungary
Tracey Gibson

More Demonstrators to be announced


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