Announcing Sándor Papp Demo artist from Hungary

I have known Sándor for many years and have seen his styling improve rapidly, one of Europe’s most talented up and coming artist Sándor is a great stylist and will wow the audiences at Bonsai Europa 2015.

Sándor Papp

Sándor Papp profileHe was born next to the Balaton, (the largest lake of Hungary), in a restaurateur family. The love for plants already acquired at his childhood. His grandfather worked as a forester. Sándor had been influenced by him to be interested in trees and other plants. Later he lived in Pilis, Hungary’s most beautiful mountain, so he permanent contacted with nature. His interest in bonsais starts in his teen-age.  Initially he learned the basics of bonsai by self-taught. Then met András Koós, who pioneered the culture of bonsai in Hungary. The first techniques was taught by him. Sándor later worked in a nursery, later got a job at Hungary’s first Bonsai Studio.  He hold a number of demonstrations and workshops in Hungary and Czech Republic ,and participates in Europe’s famous exhibitions. He was one founding Hungarian Bonsai Assocation.  He was assistant for Min Shun Lo in Budapest, and Andrea Melloni in Czech Republic, Decin. Specialties: junipers, pines, shohin bonsais.


European Bonsai Association , Slovenia, Ljubijana,

Czech Bonsai Association President  Awards, Budapest

Best of Hungarian Bonsai , Budapest

Nomination: Shohin categories, Bonsai Triennale

Sándor Papp Goyomatsu Noelanders 2013 Sándor Papp Juniperus ch. Plzen Taxus cuspidata Bonsai Mustra 2012


Demonstrations: Czech National Bonsai exhibition Plzen.


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