Demo Artist: Bartosz Warwas, 23 from Katowice, Poland.

BaroszwarwasI saw Bartosz perform at XXX EBA Convention in Wrocław this year, I was impressed with his efficiency and good humour, he had some impressive artists sharing the stage yet he held his cool and produced a superb tree, here he tells us about his bonsai journey and he is looking forward to being at Bonsai Europa in 2015.

Bartosz Warwas, 23 from Katowice, Poland.

My first contact with Bonsai was in 2000 in regular Plants Book. I was very fascinated so I read a lot of books about Bonsai. In 2006 I attended to first Bonsai workshop with Włodzimierz Pietraszko. Since this time I have attended to many workshop with Wlodzimierz and Robert Błądek, two times with Kevin Willson and one with Taiga Urishibata. I also have had a possibility to assist many times Wlodzimierz during Bonsai Demo’s.

In May 2011 I won Polish New Talent Contest that allowed me to represent Poland on New Talent Contest in Rattingen in October 2011. In May 2012 I had Bonsai Demonstration during Bonsai Triennale in Wrocław, Poland as New Talent. I also make a Demo at XXX EBA Convention in Wrocław 2014 as one of Polish Bonsai artists.

Since 2012 I’ve worked in Alfred Rostkowski Bonsai nursery as a part-time bonsaist, where I’m still discovering bonsai. During EBA Convention 2014 my Juniper Squamata was nominated to Best Chuhin of Polish Exhibition.

Bonsai for me… it’s not only the tree in a pot. I think the emotions and feelings are more important than rules. That’s why I love talking with every bonsai enthusiast about trees.  Despite my Pharmacy and Management studies I try to use every second to gain more bonsai experience and watch Demos and Blogs of Bonsai Masters from all over the world. Kevin Willson, Paul Finch, Pavel Slovak, Mario Komsta and many Polish Bonsai Friends are the most inspiring artists for me. => will be available in English soon.

wystawa small jpg finished pine demo


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