Bonsai artist Ofer Grunwald to demo at Bonsai Europa 2015

In 2012 Tony Tickle was invited by Ofer to present a lecture at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in Israel, Tony’s first meeting at the airport proved memorable for many reasons, one of which being that Ofer was dressed in a pink rabbit suit. Over the week in Israel Tony got to know and be impressed by Ofer, his approach to bonsai and his love of life. We are very happy indeed that Ofer is one of our demonstration artists at Bonsai Europa 2015, his skill and approach will win him many friends in the European bonsai scene. Here is his Profile:

Ofer GrunwaldI started experimenting with bonsai in 2004, but my real path in bonsai only started in 2005, when I joined the Israel Bonsai Club. It was here that I was first introduced to modern bonsai techniques when the Club had Marco Invernizzi over for a workshop. It was through Marco that I first experienced the advantage that a solid technical foundation can have in bringing a stylistic vision to life.

For me, bonsai is a form of expression – leaves and branches are words, strung together with wire into sentences that tell the story as a composition. It was this desire to be able to express myself that led me to start studying under Enrico Savini and the Progetto Futuro Bonsai School in 2008.

In 2011, I established the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Bonsai Award and Conference, which serves as Israel’s national bonsai exhibition. The exhibition was established with the aim of promoting and developing bonsai in Israel, and in order to connect and facilitate exchanges between the local and international bonsai communities.

In 2012, I was asked to curate the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens’ bonsai collection, re-invent it and take it forward from its previous horticultural orientation, into a modern, sculptural collection of bonsai. Here, I have the opportunity to hone the solid horticultural, technical and creative skills developed working on world-class trees with Enrico, by working on the most modest and humble of material.

Today, while continuing my bonsai education with Enrico Savini, I work in collaboration with the Progetto Futuro School and the JBG to teach and conduct workshops for those new to bonsai and those wishing to advance their skills.


Take a Look at Ofer’s Blog HERE


Co-demonstrator in the Progetto Futuro demonstrations in Giareda (2009, 2010, 2012).

Assisted Robert Steven in his demonstration at the Noelanders’ Trophy (2013).

Have written several articles for Bonsai Focus (2013-2014).


Giareda 2009 156


Rhus crenata - styling for exhibition


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