Introducing up and coming artist & demo for UK Andrew Campbell

I have witnessed Andrews Bonsai development over the last couple of years, I love his zest for life, his enthusiasm for bonsai and his easy going manner. Andrew knows that to create the best bonsai requires dedication, hard work and patience. Learning these virtues at an early age confirms that Andrew will create beautiful bonsai for many years to come.

Andrew Campbell 

Andrew CampbellFrom a young age I took a keen interest in gardening, however living in a terraced house it was almost impossible until I discovered Bonsai. Getting a grip on me, it developed quickly from a hobby into so much more. It now provides me a medium to flex my creative muscle and more so, an artistic escape where I can interact with nature on a personal level I find bonsai extremely exhilarating.

My teacher is Rob Atkinson since becoming his understudy I have gained invaluable knowledge to help me visualize and further realise the ‘hidden’ bonsai that lies within the raw material. Working closely with a good sensei is key, Rob supports me, polishing my techniques, expanding my horticultural knowledge and constantly pushing me forward to help me capture that small piece of nature.

I study Bonsai every day, seeking out the best artists to work with and to learn from. Attending workshops with Hans van Meer, Pavel Slovak, Will Baddely, Rob Atkinson, Terry Foster, Enrico Savini, Tony Tickle and Marcio Meruje. The Internet has opened up many new ways of learning, YouTube, Artists blogs and forums keep me up-to-date with what’s happening worldwide, I am being constantly inspired to go out and create.

Bonsai is much more than meets the eye. It is the people you meet, the passion you share and the beauty you create.

Andrew Picea


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