Building an new/wider audience for Bonsai Europa 2015

As part of the drive to get more people involved with bonsai, BE (Bonsai Europa) will include a number of initiatives that will be promoted widely to the regional community. BE is not just aimed at the existing bonsai community, it is intending to reach out to a wider audience.

Bonsai surgeonA ‘Bonsai Clinic’. This will be an area/table dedicated to answering questions on problem trees. How often do we hear “I had a bonsai once…it died” the bonsai clinic will be a destination for those that wish to keep bonsai but do not know how to start.


A Children’s workshop on both days that will be FREE to twelve participants 7 to 13 years of age on a first come first served basis. This event is sponsored by a local bonsai trader (TBA)

A complementary exhibition at the New sculpture gallery that will open a few weeks prior to the main show.

sculpture gallery


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