Dirk Dabringhausen: Demonstrator from Germany

I First met Dirk when I visited the Dusseldorf Bonsai Museum, I loved his affinity with the trees and his sense of calm, a great artist and one to excite the audience with his skill.

Read below what makes him tick!

Dirk DabringhausenIn 2005 I bought my first bonsai in a supermarket. Of cause I wanted to know, how to cultivate and handle this trees. It follows my first bonsai-book and shortly after that I discovered the real world of bonsai. In 2006 I joint the Bonsai Club Germany (BCD) and the Scuola d´arte Bonsai. Since 2011 I am an aspirant at the Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyokai Europe (NBSKE).

2008 I joined the national “New Talent Contest” of the BCD and won. As a result of this in 2009 I took part at the European “New Talent Contest“ in Lorca, Spain. At this contest I made third place for Germany.

Since 2008 I do styling-presentations at national and international Stages. Amongst others it was at the national bonsai-congress of the BCD and the Noelanders Trophy in Belgium.

Dirk Dabringhausen tree 3Scuola d´arte Bonsai

2011 I made my exam as an approved bonsai-designer. In October 2012 I finished the exam to an approved bonsai-teacher of the Scuola d´arte Bonsai. In the school, from 2006 until 2008 Hideo Suzuki was my master. Since 2008 master Keizo Ando took over as teacher. The exam is approved by the umbrella organisation of the Japanese Bonsai-Schools. At the Scuola d´arte Bonsai I learned the basics, technics and the traditional Japanese bonsai-philosophy.

Now I am the youngest bonsai-teacher in Germany.

Dirk Dabringhausen tree 1Bonsaiwerkstatt Busch in Düsseldorf

At the “Bonsaiwerkstatt“ from Werner M. Busch, my passion for bonsai began. There I had my first contact to this wonderful part of the japanese culture. Also I joined my first bonsai-seminars there. Werner M. Busch and Falko Hamann taught me everything that you should know about bonsai and they still do it. Since 009 I work vocational in the Bonsaiwerkstatt and you can meet me there quite often.

Dirk Dabringhausen tree 2Philosophy

Master Keizo Ando taught me the old, Japanese and very traditional philosophy of bonsai. Thereby count seedlings or scions, which are cultivated in pots from the beginning on, as precious bonsai. Also the bonsai should handy, to be carried by one person size. It counts the thought, that you accompany the bonsai for the period of your life and after your life you pass it to the next generation.

Other Versions of bonsai are plants from agricultures and collected trees from the nature (yamadori). In this way acquired bonsai could also be cultivated to high-quality bonsai. It is important to dominate the techniques and handle the plant with lot of respect. Specially in Europe bonsai out of this group are widely spread, because we don´t have such a long bonsai-tradition and bonsai, which are cultivated for generations are only available out of the import from Japan.

I personally like the traditional and modern way of bonsai. In my opinion it is important to work on a bonsai with passion and caution. The styling of a bonsai needs lots of years and includes an accurately care. Not till then a bonsai achieves the charisma that makes it so admirable.

Every bonsai and every human is individual. Essentially I think it is important that the bonsai appeal to his owner. If the tree appeal to further people is fine, but not necessary. As an outside observer you can´t assess, what kind of personal relationship the owner has to his bonsai, because lots of things are invisible. To devaluate a bonsai, because you have no relationship to it, is wrong. Every designer would do a different styling on a tree. The one hits the taste of many people, the other just his personal taste.

I love to style a bonsai and give it a part of me on his further way of life.

Dirk Dabringhausen

Take a look at Dirks website here: www.bonsaibull.com


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