Announcing Yannick Kiggen an Amazing Artist from Belgium to Demo


From the age of 10 I started with creating and learning the art of Bonsai because of great interest in the Japanese culture and a cousin who was also practicing it.

From the age of 12 the journey started with Jean-Paul Polmans for 8 years, getting classes from all different kinds of great artists like Takeo Kawabe (JP), Hotsumi Terakawa (JP/NL) , Mario Komsta (PL), Pius Notter and Francois Jeker.

After a few dreams that already came my way (hopefully more to come) the best one was in 2010 I had the opportunity to give my first demonstration abroad at Joy of Bonsai in Bath were I met Peter Warren who introduced me to Kunio Kobayashi of Shunka-en were I had the opportunity to work for 2 years but due to problems at home, I could only stay for 3-4 months

At that point I started Yama Bonsai Studio in Belgium were I give evening- and weekend classes to my students, sales of yamadori and other material

I try to organise workshops with artists across Europe and beyond and have been fortunate to have Akiyama-san, Will Baddeley, Bjorn Bjorholm for my students and club.

Bonsai is my true passion and and grows stronger every year.




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