The facts about Bonsai Europa


There has not been a European Bonsai event in the UK since 1999, there are no other major events planned by any other groups or individuals, only club and small scale ‘specialist’ shows. I wish to create a major annual/biannual event that will place Bury and the UK on the Bonsai cultural map and a destination event for those traveling a long way.


The Venue is the Castle Armoury in Bury Town Center, near Manchester UK. The main exhibition space and most traders are located on the ground floor in one very large space with direct access to the street.
A demonstration room off the main hall that seats over 100 people, and traders. Onsite catering, excellent Parking nearby.


Set up 1 day, 2 day event 10/11 October 2015.
Over 125 bonsai displayed with trees from across Europe. A section dedicated to new ways of presenting bonsai. Approximately 8 young demonstrators from across Europe
Trade space for approximately 30 traders


Three airports within 1 hours drive from the venue, excellent transport links to Manchester City center, and Major motorway network nearby.
Two large hotel chains and many other accommodation options.


International, National and local press, National and Local TV and radio, with live broadcast from the venue on Saturday morning, extensive internet and social media promotion, road signage, promotion table at transport hub, leaflet and poster distribution. Promotion at major Bonsai events throughout the Bonsai Calendar

Tony Tickle: Bonsai Europa Event Director


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