Visiting the show

Where to stay, how to get here, where to eat, what to visit:



8 thoughts on “Visiting the show

    • HI J E, I have a meeting with the town council on Tuesday next week specifically around access, please follow the site and you will be kept up to date. There is one issue that I cannot resolve and that is the Demonstrations are up a wide flight of stairs, there is NO ELEVATOR. as the building is British army controlled they are not required to cater for people with disabilities… strange but true.


  1. One week to go, but still no programme information.
    What times are the demonstration ‘slots’, do they overlap etc and who will be demonstrating when?
    It would be useful to know this particularly when buying a ticket in order to plan the day(s).


  2. Searching and searching for location of the exhibition – still can’t find it and can’t be bothered searching anymore. Guess I won’t be going 😦


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